Michael Moore at the Left Forum

A short photoessay on the Left Forum at Pace University, New York City. Photographs by Saswat Pattanayak Advertisements


In Search of ‘B-Span’!

The following article is authored by two of my dearest comrades. In the quest for What Needs to be Done! IN SEARCH OF ‘B-SPAN’: The Promise of Black Media Self-Determination NOW By Drs. Jared A. Ball and Todd Steven Burroughs “If the people only knew/ The power of the people” —From the 1970s song of the same name “The Negro race has enough power right in our hands to accomplish anything we want to.” —The late, great Adam Clayton Powell Jr. “Power, culture and communication are indissolubly linked.” ­–– John Downing Cell phones that record sound and take pictures. CD…