The UN has to Go. Ban Ki-moon or Not.

Today marks the beginning of a new era. The demise of United Nations as we ever knew it. With Kofi Annan, the last conscience keeper of the largest global association formally retiring yesterday, the hopes that the UN has some utilities any longer are tarnished. Far from being skeptical, this is perhaps a desired opinion. After all, do we really need a United Nations that functions as a casino for a few fraud whitejackers—those conmen who own the place and its crooked tables? The UN has been converted into the League of Nations of 21st Century. Like the Axis powers…


Korean Submissions

Strange bedfellows at a crucial juncture. China and South Korea have agreed that the “Korean peninsula should be nuclear (weapons) free” and see it as the importance of the “dialogue process” to “push the situation on the Korean peninsula towards a positive direction”. Will North Korea follow suit? Wait and watch what the big brother United States (ruler, father, you name it…because the US is the male personification of the war zone. Pacifists are feminists of course..) does.