Mass protests Blighty pets

To protest against the continuing presence of British and U.S. forces in a sovereign country, thousands of anti-war protesters from across Britain walked through Central London to demand an end to the ‘occupation’ of Iraq. Tony Blair replicas had distorted names of ‘B.Liar’. Old British working class humor has not had a demise yet. Thanks to B.Liar! Advertisements


Rice Interview by Lehrer

Regress, progress, all of that. For the time being, the interview transcript which was awaited. Dr. Condoleezza Rice Interviewed by Jim Lehrer Q The President’s defense of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice today came at a critical time. A week ago, her chief deputy, Stephen Hadley, acknowledged he had been warned by the CIA in two separate memos that the Agency would not stand by information suggesting Iraq was trying to buy uranium in Africa to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program. That claim made it into the President’s State of the Union speech, and CIA Director George Tenet took the…

Korean Submissions

Strange bedfellows at a crucial juncture. China and South Korea have agreed that the “Korean peninsula should be nuclear (weapons) free” and see it as the importance of the “dialogue process” to “push the situation on the Korean peninsula towards a positive direction”. Will North Korea follow suit? Wait and watch what the big brother United States (ruler, father, you name it…because the US is the male personification of the war zone. Pacifists are feminists of course..) does.

India joins the fight against struggling peoples

Thanks to 9/11 and the global fight against repressed people. The Ministry of Defense in India has planned to setup an elaborate network of electronic warfare (EW) systems in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast to help the security forces fight the terrorist threat. The government say the idea is to equip the security forces with improved and upgraded communications infrastructure to counter the advanced communications systems being used by terrorist groups. Already some systems have been established in Jammu and Kashmir and performing to expectations and, much bigger projects — Rikki-II and Rikki-III are underway.