India joins the fight against struggling peoples

Thanks to 9/11 and the global fight against repressed people. The Ministry of Defense in India has planned to setup an elaborate network of electronic warfare (EW) systems in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast to help the security forces fight the terrorist threat. The government say the idea is to equip the security forces with improved and upgraded communications infrastructure to counter the advanced communications systems being used by terrorist groups. Already some systems have been established in Jammu and Kashmir and performing to expectations and, much bigger projects — Rikki-II and Rikki-III are underway.

Mother India

Fifty years of chaos and confusions She has witnessed and now silently mourns As a mother forgives her children She has done that; they are still insane Ere half a century, she was in chain She was silent and cried in pain Her children fought and freed her then She asks now: Where disappeared all of them? Where are they who loved her? Who sacrificed their lives for her; Why no doubt, today there is none Whom you can ask to die for her! – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet

Bhagat Singh

I Why, Bhagat Singh, did you die? At a time when people were shy To come out of their homes to fight Against the British’s indomitable might You had dreamt of freedom For the future generations Thus you sacrificed your life For this mission of yours Yes, comrade, your dream’s fulfilled Your death paid off, India was freed British are no more ruling over us How can we thank you, our words are at loss You got yourself hanged; for the sake of the motherland With a dream in your eyes; and a smile on your lips Alas! Today’s country…