The Question on People of Color

Following yesterday’s mail, here is the response of the student. I am sure the discussion on the topic will not cease, although I do not think it is a debate, considering that I am not myself so fond of the term. Alright, here is the reply:

I obviously understand that the term is politically correct, but that doesn’t make it right necessarily. Clearly, you didn’t do anything wrong except go against your own personal beliefs/values because you said yourself in your e-mail back to me that you were not exactly a fan of the term because it is referring to you as well. Well I guess I just don’t understand why you would promote that term, by using it in that survey, if you yourself don’t agree with it.

My take on the issue is simple: If the word “color” or “negro” is used to connect with the minds of the oppressed people, the historical differences with the Whites, the words are most welcome. At the same time, any attempt at celebrating the color in the umbrella of multicultural ethos aimed at nullifying confrontational differences through normalization, is dangerous. Its in the same vein as the political component which reminds the colonial people that they are colonial (which I think is needed), as opposed to the social attempt at building a commonwealth of colonies which would cherish their colors (thats awwwww…).


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