Two Terrorists

(On their untimely deaths. One died too late and one, too early) 


You were right about the god

He took care of his subjects

Rewarded those to Him closer

Punished any whom to Him objects

Must be sins driving them to deaths

Who dared appeal for divine justice

Fateful nights of communal clashes

Died those lesser Hindus, Muslims 

You, much loved,  lived on, lives on

Immortalized by  Lata and Bachhan

Honored with Tricolor, your body

Even in death, rules over the  nation



Now that you are gone

We can breathe again

Lose in the dance of joy

Seek ourselves in your death

The unfinished business 

Of ending terrorism 

Find itself done 

Now that you are gone


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


What are your thoughts?

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