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I am now a member of the University of Maryland Senate. In the Student Affairs Committee, I am drafting proposal for Online Syllabi.

The idea is that faculty members will compulsorily work on this. But knowing them, I have huge doubts!

Excerpts from a draft I am working with now:
“Every academic course will have an online syllabus” is a directive
I propose five broad divisions based on a modular approach with links to
other pages on top of the home page (as opposed to linear approach which is
posting everything on one page):
Goals, Schedules, Assignments, Readings and Notes
within them,
Goals: Objective, Course Outcomes, Expectations (pre-requisites, readings,
class listserv, attendance, behavior, academic honesty), and Grading policy.
Schedules: Week-wise, topics, readings, assignment/lab
Assignments: Mini exercises (depends on the course), final examinations, any
paper presentation suggestions.
Readings: Suggested Weekly readings for individual or groups. sources must
be mentioned.
Notes: Additional readings, links to sources, copies of class slides and
other information pertinent to class.”………


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