Web definition of Open Source

The standard definition online of GNU/communism is that it’s a term used to mock open source activist, and tag them as communists. Communist is used due to the resemblance between open source’s philosophy of sharing the code among all humanity and communism’s idea to share resources among all continent’s population.

I do not have any problem with that. Actually I also think Richard Stallman is a highly progressive thinker and I adore him for that. But I dont quite get why the “open source” people are called activists and on top of that “mocked” as communists. First of all, a standard definition using mock as a word is itself pejorative. Two, open source activists themselves will come forward to denounce communism on their own. Why take extra trouble? For one, I know GNU is not as “open source” as “open source” people claim they are.

Don’t these people study any philosophical differences between Stallman (read the GNU) with the rest (read the open source managers like Linus Torvlds, Bruce Perens etc..)?


What are your thoughts?

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