When Indians do better than India

A pretty ill-written commentary by Swaminathan Aiyar meets with a well-written critique…Just discovered on my cyber journey.
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Indians do better under white rule

“The fact is that Indians succeed at home too. India is full of success stories. But you don’t get to hear of them living abroad. There’s nothing odd about an Indian being a success in India. Almost every successful person in India, is well, Indian. Indians have built industrial empires, software businesses, a thriving entertainment industry…and not just that. Smaller success stories abound too………
Now, it is true that Indians do well in countries ruled by whites – the US and UK, are good examples. But Indians also do well in countries ruled by non-whites as well – Indians are significant players in the economies of many African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They also do well in a range of countries such as the Gulf states, Singapore, Fiji and Malaysia.”


What are your thoughts?

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