Women at AIDS risk

Lets have a fresh look at the AIDS epidemic:

* The epidemic remains extremely dynamic, growing and changing character as the virus exploits new opportunities for transmission.
* Girls and young women are at greatest risk. As of December 2003, women accounted for nearly 50% of all people living with HIV worldwide, and for 57% in sub-Saharan Africa.
* Young people (15–24 years old) account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide; more than 6000 contract the virus each day.
* The 2001 UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS envisions major progress in delivering comprehensive care services by 2005. However, only minimal coverage has been achieved for care and treatment of HIV-related disease. Current prevention efforts in most low- and middle-income countries come nowhere near the scale of the epidemic.
* Achieving the 2005 targets will require urgent, innovative and expanded efforts to strengthen and accelerate the response.

The UN report just released is alarming, to say the least.


What are your thoughts?

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